As Captains create their teams the teams show up on this page.  Teams are ordered by the date they join.  If you don’t see your team, give your Captain a nudge!


*Captains!  If you do not see your teams page below please remember to go to “Teams” – “Create a Team” where you will then be able to enter your teams information!  If your team image does not load/work, please email it to with your teams name and it will be updated!

Aubree’s Angels
Team Captain: Cassandra Shelley
Basic Instinct
Team Captain: Heather Byun
Bench Warmers
Team Captain: Adam Mann
Cleates and Clevage
Team Captain: Melissa McKeown
Gaunt Collision
Team Captain: Jennifer Spencer
Hicks with Chicks
Team Captain: Maxine Boudreault
Ice Cold Pitchers
Team Captain: Nathan Dawson
Jeters Never Prosper
Team Captain: Veronica Winser
Multiple Scoregasms
Team Captain: Stephanie Hargrave
North Bound and Down
Team Captain: Susan Boyden
One Hit Wonders
Team Captain: Kristy Perrault
Pitches Be Crazy
Team Captain: