Join Us on June 14/15, 2019 at Kinsmen Park


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This Event Happens Rain or Shine

Many of the events are under cover: Fish Fry, Opening Ceremonies, Dances, Bar, BBQ, Parry Sound’s Got Talent, Karaoke, River Songs.

In 2019 we will see the 1st Annual Rotary 3Pitch continue the rally against cancer by helping with the purchase of the Leica CV5030 fully automated glass coverslipper. The coverslipper produces slides with superior optical quality for reliable long-term storage. It will allow our Health Centre to keep samples of lesions for 30 years! This event will also support our local Rotary and all the important community efforts it supports.


In 2018 we are thankful the RACH Tournament is buying a new $35,000 Gastroscope.  This is critical for GI Tract patient’s presenting with polyps in the esophagus or cancer of the stomach.  Like the new colonoscope, the gastroscope is advanced technology that provides both a flushing and suction action ensuring much safer procedures and more comfort to the patient. This new level of care and high visibility brings early detection of polyps.  For the patient that can mean a life saving advancement.


In 2017 the RACH Tournament bought the Operating Room at the West Parry Sound Health Centre new tools for diagnosing cancers.  Critical to diagnostics the Tournament bought a new colonoscope replacing decade old equipment.  In the process of buying the new scope, the OR team realized new ‘towers’ were needed.  These new ‘towers’ emit quality, high definition images which enhances visibility.  The high-resolution images emanating from the new colonoscope includes a GPS type tracking device that ensures the Surgeon can immediately pinpoint existing polyps.  Both the scope and the towers must be of matching technology – otherwise without the new towers, it is like watching an HD movie on 80s TV.  So, to be able to update our local Operating Rooms with both critical equipment pieces is a wonderful advancement in patient care.


Thank you to all our friends participating in and supporting the RACH Tournament.  We hope you will also be as supportive of Rotary 3Pitch. You are helping us fight cancer locally.

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